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I primarily use multiple photographs for my picture collages, objects, videos and installations. I take photographs at home, on the road, on trips, during walks, on the train, in exhibition rooms, everywhere. 

The photographs usually show the surface of things, such as houses, faces, the forest floor, water, fur, furniture, a plant, shop windows, sunburn, newspapers, fabrics, body parts, walls, and streets. I photograph or film these objects piece by piece, as if I were scanning them with my camera.

In the studio I relate to these images on a material level. I subject the photo prints to various physical, sculptural actions, e.g. skinning, ironing, stringing together. Other materials such as adhesive tape, foils, wax, and newspapers can be added. 

Sometimes these actions themselves or their results become the subject of new photographs, which I continue to work with. I bring the pictures into the room, into new constellations, into movement.

Through the processes of disassembling, reassembling and transforming, I expand the medium of photography by space and time. Simultaneously, I deal with the content of what is depicted. I am on the search for what is behind it, for something indeterminable behind the appearance, under the surface, under the skin. 

My works are changeable and ambiguous. One approach results from the other. To some extent I fall back on elements of current or past works and bring them into new contexts - comparable to an underground mycelium: some elements appear like mushrooms in different places, disintegrate again or become components of new photo objects, videos, or room installations.

Translation: Anne Mailey, Eva Schmeckenbecher